Excel 2016

Excel 2016
(Excel 2013, Excel 2010, and earlier versions also available.)

Excel 1 - introductory activities

  • what a spread sheet is and the various parts of the Excel screen
  • the Office ribbon interface and the backstage view
  • what if analysis
  • labels, numbers and formulas
  • basic calculations
  • formatting a worksheet and using themes to improve presentation
  • filling values and formulas
  • using functions to simplify calculations
  • the Sum function and AutoSum
  • printing a worksheet, including headers and footers

Excel 2 - intermediate activities

  • functions of, sum, average, stdev, max, min, count, counta, today, now
  • using AutoSum
  • sorting text and numbers in ascending and descending order
  • sorting on multiple columns
  • challenge activity
  • the use of charts (graphs) in Excel to visually display data
  • absolute and relative addressing
  • the use of lookup tables
  • naming ranges
  • the if logical function
  • practical application of absolute addressing and a lookup table

Excel 3 - advanced activities

  • creating and using macros
  • assigning a macro to a button
  • macro security
  • using filters to investigate and sort large data sets
  • conditional formatting
  • worksheet protection
  • goal seeking
  • using pivot tables to investigate, display, and summarise information
  • modifying pivot tables by grouping, rearranging fields, displaying multiple fields, and varying data presentation
  • importing data to create a pivot table
  • making pivot charts
  • drilling down into a pivot table.

Annual licence fee $2.50 per user (Excel 1, 2 and 3) - a minimum order of 10 licences applies.
Single user perpetual licence $7.50 (Excel 1, 2 and 3).

Download sample Excel activity (440 kB)